We Begin With Natural Fibers

The journey of Harbor Springs Mattress Company’s natural sleep begins in the forest and on farms.  All of our main materials come from natural farmed fibers. Our materials are selected for their purity, longevity and their sleep enhancing properties.  Luxury is not artificial. You will sleep healthier and breathe easier on our hand tufted layers of pure cotton, wool and natural latex.


The Super Fiber For Sleep

Wool helps maintain a constant body temperature
so you will not toss and turn in the night.
We use a generous top layer of wool for maximum comfort

How Wool Improves Sleep.

Sleep Cool

When you are cold wool fibers trap air creating an insulating layer, but when you are hot wool helps you cool down by drawing moisture away from your skin to regulate your body temperature naturally. The result is longer stages of restorative sleep with less tossing and turning.


The natural crimp in wool fiber has thousands of tiny air pockets.  Unlike synthetic materials, wool wicks away moisture then releases it through its air pockets.  These air pockets give you the worlds most comfortable breathable sleep surface.


Wool gives a lasting buoyant comfort because it is naturally strong, bouncy and quickly springs back into shape when depressed. Wool is a generous top layer on both sides of our mattresses so you receive all of its sleep enhancing qualities.

Spun Fresh in Michigan

Gathered from Michigan Shepherds, our wool is crafted in a 100 year old family run Michigan Woolen Mill.  We receive our wool after you order your bed so it is spun fresh.  We often tell customers the wool in their bed is from sheep who are still happily grazing on a Michigan farm.

Natural Latex

Pressure Relief and Comfort

Natural Latex is made from the milky white sap of the Rubber Tree, Hevea Brasiiensis.  The sap is whipped into a frothy mixture, vulcanized and baked in molds to produce it’s supportive stable form.

Here’s why latex is so amazing for your sleep.

Better Support

We use natural Dunlop latex, named after the method in which it is manufactured. Dunlop latex is a denser and more supportive latex than its cousin, Talalay latex, also named for it’s manufacturing process. At Harbor Springs Mattress Company, we use the highest quality natural latex we could source.  It consists of 95% or more pure tree sap. The sap is harvested with tight regulations on quality and sustainability and manufactured in America.


The small holes made when our latex is manufactured combine with our other natural layers to enhance air circulation.  Your whole body will breathe cleanly as you sleep.


Natural latex is made from the white, milky sap of the rubber tree.  True natural latex like ours does not contain synthetic fillers. However, all latex needs an inorganic additional agent to take the sap into its stable latex form.  The result is a simple yet supple latex that supports your body with natural ingredients.


Natural Latex comes from nature and is biodegradable.  A single tree may produce sap for more than thirty years, and because the tree is tapped and not cut, the practice is sustainable.


Natural Softness and Comfort

Cotton allows air to circulate giving you a breathable, non-toxic healthy sleeping surface.

Cotten compliments the wool in our beds to perfectly to enhance sleep. Our cotton layers add supple support to increase your comfort with just the right softness.


Natural fibers are stronger and more durable than synthetic foams and they are healthier. We are committed to the sustainability of our natural mattresses and their purity.

The wool in our beds is washed with only hot water and natural soap.  Our natural latex is of the highest quality and is also manufactured with only water.

We want you to love your bed for a long, long time.  However, it is good to know that when it is time, a natural fiber mattress will be able to be returned to the earth from which it came.


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