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The Bed of Roses mattress is what Harbor Springs Mattress Company Owner and Founder, Rory Karpathian sleeps on. He calls it his baby and it is our most popular mattress.  Hand crafted for perfect support and lasting comfort, the Bed of Roses is the trusted choice of thousands of families in Northern Michigan. This mattress is our signature.

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All Natural

  • Layer of wool

  • Layer of natural latex

  • Layer of cotton

  • Layer of cotton fabric

  • Layer of natural latex

  • Layer of cotton

  • Layer of cotton lumbar

  • Premium steel inner springs

  • Inner and outer hand tufting

  • All repeated on the other side

  • Over all mattress is 13″ high

The Bed of Roses Natural Materials

The Bed of Roses mattress is all natural and made with  100% pure cotton, natural dunlop latex and resilient, soft wool.  These natural layers combine to give you comfortable sleep that is breathable and non toxic.  The natural materials in The Bed of Roses are not only healthier, they are stronger and more durable than synthetic materials.  Synthetic fibers quickly wear down under pressure.  Whereas The Bed of Roses is meant to last your lifetime and then some.

The Bed of Roses Construction

Beneath our generous layers of wool, natural latex and cotton, we also add a thicker layer of cotton lumbar down the horizontal line of the mattress where the heaviest part of your pelvic bones normally lay.  This lumbar layer is hand tufted to innersprings to give extra support and align the body’s posture correctly. We take every step we can toward making sure your mattress will not take a body impression.  We pride ourselves in taking care of the details so you never have to think of them.


Cotton allows air to circulate giving you a breathable, non-toxic healthy sleeping surface.


Wool naturally regulates body temperature to keep you cool in summer and snug in winter.

Natural Latex

Natural latex from tree sap is a soft breathable material that gives resilient comfort.


Love your bed for certain.

12 Month Comfort Adjustment

25 Year Warranty


Remember when mattresses used to last?  That is the only way we build them. Very little can go wrong with our mattresses, but if anything does it is fully covered for 25 years. Because we make your mattress fresh to order for you, we can also adjust your comfort level. We will change the comfort of your mattress, for example from semi-firm to soft for no cost in the first year of your ownership because we really want you to love it for a long, long time.

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