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Our philosophy and our mattress warranty is simple. We make mattresses for you to love for decades. There is actually very little that can go wrong with a Harbor Springs Mattress Company’s bed. We take pride in this fact and our warranty is clear and honest. We will fix any problem in workmanship or material defect for 25 years.  If you have any issue with your mattress, Harbor Springs Mattress Company will fix it. No hassles, no fine print, no prorating. We hope you will appreciate that we do not allow stained materials in our workshop.  A quality mattress protector to protect from any stains is the easiest way to care for your mattress as much as we do.

Harbor Springs Mattress Co. Mattress Warranty.

To demonstrate the high standard of craftsmanship, Harbor Springs Mattress Co. hereby grants a Mattress Warranty valid for 25 years from the date of the bed purchase. Should there be any defect due to faulty materials or workmanship in your bed, Harbor Springs Mattress Co. will make this good without charge (except for any duties, importation costs, shipping and handling costs that may be incurred), subject to the terms of this 25 Year Guarantee.

  • This 25 Year Mattress Warranty is only for the benefit of the original purchaser of the bed, where the purchase was made from one of Harbor Springs Mattress Company stores or an authorized retailer in United States. The purchaser must provide proof of purchase.
  • Where a bed frame, base or foundation not supplied by Harbor Springs Mattress Company is being used, the bed frame must be of an appropriate quality of construction compatible with Harbor Springs Mattress Company standards.

What is excluded under this mattress warranty?

  • Damage due to misuse, willful damage, accidental damage, neglect.
  • Damage due to soiled or unsanitary conditions.
    Do not:
  • Remove the labels attached to your mattress, as they identify your mattress as a Harbor Springs Mattress Company mattress and help to establish your rights under this guarantee.

Making a claim under this 25 Year Mattress Warranty:

To make a claim, please contact Harbor Springs Mattress Company’s main office in Harbor Springs or the retailer in the United States from whom the bed was purchased. The claim must be presented with the proof of purchase. Replacements, where necessary, will be supplied in the same model, size and mattress ticking (fabric) as the original purchase. Where fabric stock is exhausted, Harbor Springs Mattress Company reserves the right to replace in an alternative model and mattress fabric. This guarantee does not extend to misuse.


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